Humans are materialistic animals. We crave new things, better things, shiny things, but why; what is it that we truly desire? I find it hard to believe that upgrading to the new iPod would make my life that much better, yet I know that if I go out and buy that iPod, it will make me happy, until the next one comes out. The reason for this phenomena is that we only desire things which can make us feel better than other people.

The reason we buy things is to make other people jealous. Does anyone need a sixty inch television? I severely doubt it. It is nothing more than a status symbol; something to brag about. Humans thrive off of superiority, it is embedded in our nature.

Currently, the one thing I desire most is a new mountain bike. There are a number of reasons why I want this bike. First, I “need” it because my current steed is too heavy for what I use it for. Second, I won’t lie I want it, so I can brag about it. Finally, I want it so that I can have more fun.

I say I “need” it because biking is a hobby of mine and I can’t imagine life without it; alas, it is not technically a necessity. I want to brag about it because Bragging is a huge part of mountain biking culture (as well as any other hobby). Being able to say “my bike is better” goes a long way.

While the bike is the item which I want most, money is the only way I can buy it. Money is the universal language and it is the thing which I am actually after. Nothing would make me happier than an endless supply of money. That way I could nurse my ego and be able to afford the best of anything and. Before you judge, I’m only human.


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