I find it strange how different forms of caffeine affect me so differently. I have had instances where I’ve had one hot coffee or espresso drink before noon and not been able to sleep until 2 in the morning. On the other hand, I have had tea right before bedtime to no effect. I have had caffeinated soft drinks which have different effects based on nothing solid in particular yet energy drinks will always keep me up for an entire day whenever necessary. I would say that it’s the amount of caffeine that matters but tea and coffee have essentially the same amount of caffeine in them. Furthermore, I have never been kept awake by an iced coffee either. What more, Bawls, a 7-up-like drink known for its high caffeine content comparable to that of energy drinks has never worked on me. All this leads me to question how it is exactly that this drug works. All signs point to it being all in my head, but I have had coffee/energy drinks that have overpowered sleeping medications so I’m really not sure what to make of it all. Perhaps I should just swear off caffeine entirely…


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