When I see you, there are no butterflies
That is all trivial, pre-teen pseudo-drama
Love is something more, something beyond clichés
You do not scare me, or wrack my nerves, or pull my strings
Never have, never will, and therein lies the difference

Loving what you fear is masochism
A crush is full of fear but a crush is not love
Fear is the relationship between a slave and its master
A weapon of mass destruction wielded against the weak
No true love can contain fear

When I’m by you, when we speak, I feel complete
Only then do I truly feel at ease
I don’t lose my voice, my throat doesn’t seal
My voice does not flee
My throat does not seize
My knees do not grow weak
Rather, you enable me
Your presence procures my passion

You understand me like no one else in this world
When we are together, I am myself
A side that only you can bring out
You and I are the only ones who know me as who I really am
My life is a wilting orchid
You are my water, my sunshine; you are my vitality
You have captured my soul
But I suffer from Stockholm syndrome
Separation anxiety cannot begin to describe me in your absence


Love is insignificant
It is nothing but a chemical reaction
Taking place within the brain
A series of synapses, sparks, chemical cascades
Impulses jumping voids
Stimuli sending sultry signals through the nerves
Brought upon by a need to reproduce
Triggered from the gonads
Hormones hopping hastily from artery to capillary to vein
Nothing more

It is the desire for sex
The desire to reproduce
To add your filth to the mire that is the gene pool
So future generations may reflect back and see
Where it all went wrong
There is no romance
Birds sing and dance, rams butt heads
We go to movies and out to dinner
We express “feelings,” we “connect”
There are many ways to skin a cat
But it all leads to the same result
Love is instinctive
Nothing more

Love is cheap
A flashy car, trendy clothes, a big house
Materials buy love
A whore can be had for nothing
A roofie is even cheaper
Pornography is free
What is love in this day and age?
Love is dead
Nothing more

Love is cruel
We live for it and die for it
It drives our lives
For it we strive
Without it we could not be alive
This pestilence of a feeling
This need for acceptance
This want of purpose
This lust for lust’s sake
This malignant tumor
This worthless emotion
This leech unto society
This fact of life continues to exist
For it is necessary
Nothing less


Romance is overrated
It’s ephemeral at best
You’ll end up being hated
You’ll never get any rest

It’s love that you are seeking
Not an empty life of sex
What’s in your dreams while sleeping
Will only make things complex

You want acceptance my friend
A shoulder who will listen
A companion to the end
Whose dedication glistens

Someone who will carry you
Through sickness and health till death
Somebody who will be true
Until you draw your last breath

This person does not need to be
A lover of tradition
More people must search and see
That sex leads to attrition

I’d prefer a loyal man
Who will always follow through
Than a lovely lady’s hand
Who will change the things I do

For if there is a certainty
It’s that I wish to just be me
And if my true love is meant to be
Then my true self is what they’ll see
There will be no urge to flee
For they’ll accept myself for me


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