Part 1

My life is defined by misguided rejection

My feelings and soul defy detection

I give it away and take nothing back

The world is an oyster that I haven’t cracked

The riches and the beauty that may hide inside

Remain in their shell though I’ll pry till I die

I’m lost in a well of my own self pity

Waiting to be found and returned to my city

Where I can be me and be loved for myself

Where I’ll be the king, not a pawn on a shelf

Cry me a river and float me to sea

Anywhere but here is where I shall be

Shoot me in the smile ’cause I’m done with your games

I’m freeing myself from your shackles and chains

Love hath no boundaries, it dissolves all veils

That is a damn lie, deception prevails

The smarter they come, the more they can hide

The evil and cunning that dwells deep inside

I won’t chew and swallow your depressant pills

I’m sick of your poison, your beauty and frills

You are not special, you’re nothing unique

You make me sick when your lips move to speak

Go on, walk out, you have been dismissed

You’re naught but a tick on an ongoing list


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