Confessions of a Masochistic Emo Kid

It starts at the extremities; a piercing pain shooting straight to the core.  With each successive stroke comes more suffering, less thought, and most importantly, more endorphins.  A cascade of ecstasy floods my troubled mind cleansing it of all worry.  The effect is the same as if I were taking opiates: sedating, calming, euphoric…  The epitome of “hurts so good.”  Most doctors agree, the human body isn’t meant to take such abuse–especially not for such extended periods of time.  Serious complications are inevitable; it’s not a matter of if but when.  On the other hand, I  would hardly be considered better off if I turned to drug abuse…

The worse life seems, the more I turn to it.  This self mutilation of sorts.  When friends and family have failed me, I know I can always blow off steam and forget my troubles, despite the pain.  The more I go, the more it hurts; the more it hurts, the better it feels.  It’s some kind of sick, self-reciprocating cycle that only begets more pain.  There are millions of others like me in this country alone.  About 80% of us will suffer some kind of injury relating to complications from this habit yet we keep coming back to it because there just is no acceptable substitute

I have all the telltale scars and scuffs to prove it.  They line my heels, my toes, the soles of my feet–popped blisters, lacerations, other injuries, all the result of my hopeless addiction to this debilitating habit: running.


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