Innocence Lost

So I am growing older and frankly, it’s depressing as hell. The older I grow, the more I miss my childhood. When I was a kid, one thing that I had always wanted was one of those invisible ink pens. They were fucking genius! You could write whatever you wanted and all that would show up on paper was a crease in the paper in the exact same shape as the words you had intended to write. No one could tell what you were scheming, nobody! I kid though, the great part about these pens of course is when you press a button, a blacklight shines on the paper and then all those words that you could read already anyways glow brightly yellow. Now when i was young, I thought this was the coolest shit ever but now that I’m older and I’ve seen shows like CSI, this is really beginning to bother me. It seems like the only stuff that shows up under black lighting that’s otherwise invisible is semen. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s really in those pens…


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