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Huang Shan: A Mixed Blessing

I’m not quite sure what to make of Huang Shan. On one hand, it suffers from many of the same ailments as the other national preserve I visited. On the other, it is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I’m sick of complaining so just enjoy the pictures.

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Shave and a Haircut, 2¢

…Not quite, but a buck fifty ain’t so bad either. I got a haircut today, do you like it? I don’t care either way but the haircutting itself was really something special.

For my meager 10 RMB, I received a trendy, Asian hipster slaving over my hair doing everything in his power to make it look nice (that I would allow him at least).

He started by washing my hair (which was caked in sweat from the humid, smoggy Beijing summer) and massaging my scalp for a couple minutes. Then whisked me to a chair where his nimble hands flicked, snipped, combed, and cut away at my revitalized hair for a good half hour without pause. Each movement extended from the previous with the masterful fluidity like a ballet on my head. All the while he made guesses as to where my hair had been and kept recommending ways for it to reach its full potential (I think I’ll pass on the perm and highlights). While the end result isn’t exactly the best result I’ve ever had, that’s probably more because Chinese people like different hairstyles than Westerners do but I feel that the experience itself was worth far more than the price of admission. Besides, I could think of far worse fates than bearing a slight resemblance to Bruce Lee


Holy shit… This picture is a view from the plane as we are approaching Beijing. It is not cloudy out today and it’s not foggy–no, that is all smog. And I am about to live there for a month… So much for running the Portland Marathon.

I included this rhinestone bedazzled SLK because it’s just so hideous. It was found at the Elements Mall in HK shortly before I left.

Update: Since landing, I’ve figured out why it’s so damn smoggy. When I came here in 2007, my grandparents’ neighborhood was largely devoid of cars. Now there are so many cars that they’ve taken to parking on sidewalks, lawns, etc. There’s simply no space and it’s safe to assume this is a trend that is typical throughout the city and I also assume that it will get worse before it even starts to get better. As it stands, visibility is no more than a mile or two and this is supposedly just a typical day. Forget the stupid marathon, I am genuinely concerned for my health and well-being at this point and am afraid I might suffer some kind of permanent lung damage.

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Into the Wild

I’ll get to my post for today about Shenzhen later; if not today then tomorrow morning. But, just a heads up, tomorrow I will be going to mainland China and as I found out today while visiting there, they tend to frown upon WordPress, as in it’s been blocked much like Facebook and Twitter. Although this is frustrating, I plan to continue blogging–hopefully using this site seeing as it’s already established. Apparently Flickr is a-okay so at the very least I’ll be uploading photos. Wish me luck!

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